Especially for dry skin. Removes pimples, scars, sun burn and other specks on your face. Guaranteed therapy for all skin ailments.

Ingredients: Ghee, Bee honey, Sandalwood, Olive oil etc…



Eradicate Eczema, groin irritation, vesicles, ulcerated joints, itches, prickly heat and other skin diseases

Ingredients: Dinisuru medicated oil, Nellika Sulphur etc…


Oral Care

Stop bleeding, decay of gums, bad ordour and keeps your mouth fresh.

Ingredients: Gall nut, cloves, licorice, belerica nurobalana, cardamom etc



Remedy for cough, body pain, influenza, headache etc

Ingredients : Weniwelgeta, Ginger, Pathpadagam, Katuwelbatu, coriander, Pepper etc


Pawatta Thalsookiri Syrup

Excellent remedy for congested stages of the respiratory system.

Ingredients : Pawatta, Thalsookiri etc


Wickramarachchi Batu Syrup

Effective drugs for Asthma, Protracted cough, catarrh etc.....

Ingredients :Katuwelbatu, Elabatu, Dried Ginger, Welmee, Pathpadagam


Wickramarachchi Piles cure syrup

Resistant against hemorrhoids of any sort

Ingredients : Kohila, Rathkaral heba, Madhu,



Arrests grey hair before age, abnormal Loosing hair and many more sickness related to the head.

Ingredients: Keekiridiya, Nelli, Watake Aralu, Red onions etc


Wickramarachchi Diyawediya Suwaya

Very effective medicine for chronic or non chronic diabetic patients.

Ingredients: Kubuk pothu ,Madan pothu, Iramusu, Kothala himbutu, Ranawara Mal etc.


Anjanaleepa Face Cream

The princesses’ yore announced to spruce themselves up, flows into the market for you too. This unguent adds a hypnotic glamour to your face. Procured from herbal essence of saffron, sandalwood, musk, venivel, aloes, cuscus, suwanda kottan etc. Anjanalepaya is enriched with a microscopic protective layer against heat, dust bacteria of possible adverse effects. Continues application of the ointment removes possible facial scares, blisters, cracks, contortions, moles, grey sports, pimples, black heads or skin discolors. It is a potent therapy for buckishness around eyes. The protective shield the ointment contains is alien to many other ointments and is your additional protective guard against heat and dust.