47 years of trust

Today Wickramarachchi Laboratories is a fully fledged institution with a range of more than 200 Ayurvedic products. It is well equipped with a fleet of vehicles, which are plying all over the island. We have a set of highly skilled and professional staff handling this marvellous job. The rest of the workforce consisting of so many grades and skills cater to the manufacturing products of the laboratory. Ruwasampatha face cream, Anjanaleepa face cream, Suwega cream for skin ailments, Wickramarachchi Diyawediya Suwaya, Kapruka holly powder, Pawatta Thalsookiri Peniya, Oral care mouth wash, Dasapanguwa powder, shakthi are some of the highly popular products, which have gained a name among Ayurvedic products. Some of the products are indispensable and we have a regular demand from the public. Most of our products claim a low price and they are affordable where anyone can purchase them. We have gained many awards such as Productivity, Shilpa etc... Further we have been GMP and ISO 9001:2015 certificated. Emerging from the very grass root level, we are on the path of a slow but a steady march. We are very proud to mention that our motto is to build a healthy nation.